If you've lived and breathed, you have a story.  If you have a passion combined with curiosity and imagination, you have a novel.

If you are a humanity
+ business your 'Knowledge' assets deserve a great story to take you and your mission farther.

If you've lived and breathed, you have knowledge.  Everyone has learned a thing or three in their life journey.

It's time to share your knowledge. Someone is waiting for your expertise
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online stay-treat

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  • Includes Special guests offering yoga, meditation, ghost-writing ad blue pencil editor.

Bi-Weekly writers' lounge

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Lounge includes

  • stimulating prompts

  • sharing

  • feedback

  • ideas for publishing

discovery session

Together we will explore the following and discuss a plan where to go with your writing aspirations:


  • Passion 

  • Genre

  • Theme

  • Topic

  • Outlines

  • Definite Goals

  • Templates

  • Guides 

  • A kickstart plan


Register to Identify Your  Writing Goals and direction.

writing coach


  • Coaching

  • Complete that book

  • Inspiration geared to your purpose

  • Templates

  • Speeches

  • Affirmations

  • Goal Setting

  • Poetry

  • Synopsis

  • Write that “How-To”

  • Plot that “Novel”

  • Tackle those Blogs

  • Feed Your Instagram

  • Empathic Immersion Editing

  • Writing Coach

  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Idea Person

  • Workshop Facilitator 

  • Brochures

  • Grant Writing

  • Report Writing

  • Business Plan Writing

  • Newsletters

  • Advertorials

  • Manuals

  • Resumes

  • Case Studies

  • Website Text

  • Branding

  • Final Reports


Clean, crisp copy invites interest, instills confidence and makes people notice you. Whether it is a university paper, the best-seller novel, an RFP, a speech, a thank you letter or a complaint seeking assistance, good writing garners the results you need. Wordquest will take your prose to the next level. 



Do you need an experienced proofreader to spot errors and correct your business text? Do you need a reliable proofreader to complete urgent proofreading or edit projects accurately and on time? Wordquest will ensure that your projects, documents and web sites are error-free and say what you mean. Either a single project or regular proofreading is available as you require. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed. For a sample, send 300 words or less of text to be edited and proofread 




Copyediting catches costly and embarrassing errors before your project/book/website goes to the press. Fresh eyes read each word like a separate entity and spot mistakes that are camouflaged by familiarity with your subject and content. 


Idea Person/Writing Coach


Call or email to book your free 15-minute session. You may say who needs a writing coach. However, consider how the act of creating with words is a solitary endeavour. With coaching and the motivation of being accountable to a coach who will check up on you, writers/artists produce more, enhance their skills and find their own rhythms. Plans will be individualized to meet each person’s needs.



A monthly or quarterly newsletter can show off your recent work and also remind people that you are open for business. Let people know you are available for more work and interested in referrals. It is important to communicate regularly with customers. Be pro-active and stay in the mind of your customers. It works! ...it has since the beginning of commerce. Effective customer contact is the best marketing strategy. Newsletters for which you invite people to sign up are a credible contact method. 


Website Text


Writing for New Media requires a different approach. All words are not created equal. Briefer chunks of well-written text invite people to linger and learn more about your business, products, and services. Every word must verbally project the core personality of what your business is and strives to be. Well-chosen words signify your ethics and principles and communicate what you promise to deliver. Some basic designs can be accommodated. Person to person communication allows salespeople to benefit from verbal feedback while observing body language and facial expressions moment by moment and aid appropriate responses. Utilizing powerful text and case studies on your website provides a warm touch allowing your potential online clients to “look you in the eye” and move them to trust you and accept what you're telling them. 



A company brand must capture the STRENGTHS + MISSION + VISION + PERSONALITY of your products, service, and business. A personal brand for a one-person operation should accurately reflect your STRENGTHS + GOALS + PASSIONS + PERSONALITY. As a skilled interviewer and storyteller, professional branding will make your business shine! 


Annual and/or Formal Reports

Word Quest will take your mountain of studies, papers, meeting minutes, surveys and distill it down to a neat tidy final report including a scintillating executive summary that makes your readers want to study all the information. 




The precursor to case studies, the word advertorial made a surprise appearance in Webster's Third New International Dictionary around 1961. As an advertisement dressed in editorial content, it can offer valid information to your prospective clients and can work for you in consumer magazines. When you are too busy, lack staff with the necessary writing skills or simply choose to not be bothered with the task of writing advertorial copy, Wordquest is here to do your bidding.




Does creating a simple brochure seem like rocket science to you? A craftily designed and written brochure can be used as a powerful marketing tool to leave behind after a sales meeting, or pop it in the mail to prospective customers. Contact Rusti to create a brochure that entices customers to open it and read about the benefits of your products and services. A brochure can establish credibility and trust for your business and be a reminder of your business.


Business Plan Writing


Goals are like destinations and maps are vital tools to help you reach the treasure of success. A business plan is like a detailed map and an essential first step. A good business plan helps in four major ways: It provides a sense of direction. It demonstrates you have a plan. It builds commitment to layout and announces your objectives. It is a yardstick you can use to measure your progress against it. More than theory, businesses that create and follow a business plan enjoy an average profit margin of 54%. The average profit margin for businesses that ignore this vital step is 35%. 




Manuals are written by technical people for the average consumer often misses a step or sound like legalese. After reformatting the manual to make it more readable, Wordquest will work with your technical writers to ensure accuracy AND accessibility. If you need a manual written from scratch, as a skilled interviewer with step-by-step task analysis writing experience, Rusti will put it all in written form in a manual. Organized and well-written training manuals will eliminate the need for questions. 




Do you need your resume professionally written? A resume presents an image of yourself to the employer. In a highly competitive job market, you need a writer who will spend time getting to know you and reveal the keywords that industry HR managers and executive headhunters search to see before making the call for an interview. When you need a job, you know the importance of having a professional resume. Do you replace your own furnace when you aren’t a gas-fitter or do your house shingles when you are afraid of heights? Professionals will treat your resume as the key or even passport to your career and future. 


Case Studies


Clearly demonstrating what satisfied clients have achieved by purchasing your product, Case Studies highlight direct quotes the writer gathers by personally interviewing your satisfied clients. Having your clients describe the problems they needed to solve and tell how the features of your product helped them resolve their dilemmas. Direct quotes excel at describing the perks of owning your product and praising features and aspects that make it powerful or easy to use and a discussion of the results, return-on-investment. In short, everything positive about your product in a neatly wrapped story. Rusti L Lehay will deliver your success stories in case studies with pizzazz. Bottom line: Your sales force will find case studies an attractive method of presenting your products and services. It puts "warmth" into "cold calls",  turning potential customers into new clients.

Do you know most businesses are NOT making the most of their assets?
An effective method of managing your knowledge assets is having case studies for your website, your newsletter, your sales staff, your exhibit at that next trade fair, or ???  

Every company, large or small, has stories to tell – about customers, competitors or yourself. Generating case studies for your Web site or e-newsletter is one way to harness your knowledge-based assets.

Every business, large or small, has stories to tell – about customers, competitors or yourself. Read mine here!

For your own unique case study that has you shaking hands with your next client:.

Case Studies

Focussing completely on your customer’s success, these 800-1,200 word case study narratives will answer the questions of potential customers with flair. Showing what customers achieve by purchasing your product, highlighting their best experiences, describing the problems they needed to solve and how the features of your product helped them solve their dilemmas. Using direct quotes to describe the perks of owning your product and praising features and aspects that make it powerful or easy to use and a discussion of the results, return-on-investment. In short, everything positive about your product in a neatly wrapped story. Bottom line: Your sales force will use these to add to your client list. 

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